Meet the goats

We love our goats! The girls give us the freshest and best milk for our amazing soaps. 

Meet the girls:

Rosies Critters Abra

Rosies Critters Anna

Sanndy C Ranch Godiva (Gogo)

E/L Farms Priscilla's Prominence (Cilla)

E/L Farms Daisy Belle (Debs)

Ginger Farms Amazing Grace (Gracie)

Ginger Farms Peace of Priscilla (Peace)

Bayou Country FS Miss Daisy

Ginger Farms Tinky


E/L Farms Bucky

E/L Farms Joseph

E/L Farms Levi's Light

Knightwolf Farms Amos Moses

Ginger Farms Samuel

Bayou Country AS Toby Keith